About Us

We are a family-owned and operated wholesale florist and foliage grower/harvester. That’s a mouthful and it keeps us busy.

I am Brock Bishop and I’m who you’re texting most of the time. My wife June helps me with my cell when I need a break but it will always be one of us, me mostly. We keep the cell with us and don’t mind questions or orders at any time. It might take us an hour or so but we will definitely get back with you. If we don’t, please call or text again. There are times when I’m in the woods and don’t have service.

But more about our company.

My dad Harold started as a driver at a local florist in 1959. He fell in love with the business then fell in love with my mother Peggy, who worked in a cafe next door. After getting married and having us, they opened a wholesale florist. My mother developed a gorgeous line of permanent florals and accessories while my father focused on the fresh flowers. Over her career, Mom was elected President of the Mississippi Florists Association, helped with several Rose Bowls, assisted with the inauguration of George Bush and was active in several organizations including AIFD and WFFSA. She loved the people in the floral industry and enjoyed promoting fresh flowers everywhere she went.

After being raised in the flower business and then later getting married and letting my own children take naps in gerbera boxes, my wife and I built a greenhouse and added cut foliage and green plants to the company. Initially only shipping to wholesalers, AIFD friends, local event designers and florists, we soon developed a small website and began shipping nationally. Our grandchildren are now napping in the gerbera boxes.

We have been blessed with beautiful product, loyal customers and a fantastic team that is either family or have been around so long we think they’re family. Like many of you, we have invested our entire lives and our children’s lives in this industry. We have been here for years and hope to be here many more. We appreciate every customer. We need your business and don’t take you choosing us lightly.

Speaking for all of us here, thank you for coming to our site and checking out our product. We are available to you seven days a week. Call or text me any time.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Harold and Peggy Bishop