Southern Smilax Vines

Southern Smilax Vines

Please call 662-231-7285 for questions regarding bulk orders.

Southern Smilax, commonly known around here as Jackson Vine, is a lightweight, soft-stemmed, green vine that flows easily around columns, doorways, tents, arches, stairways, chandeliers, ceilings and walls. Available most of the year except the end of May, June and possibly most of July. Elaeagnus is a great substitute for those months.

Approximately 50 feet of Southern Smilax vines $85
Approximately 100 feet of beautiful Southern Smilax vines $150

Please call 662-231-7285 for availability

We ship our southern smilax via UPS or FedEx Priority Overnight and is usually at your door within 24 hours of harvesting from the deep woods of Mississippi. Open immediately upon receiving without removing product from the box. Water lightly if necessary, fold the liner without sealing, close the box and store in a cooler or air-conditioned room. Available in full and half boxes. Shipping discounts are available at five boxes. If you have any questions, please call sales at 662-231-7285 or email [email protected].

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