Magnolia Foliage

Magnolia Foliage

Nothing says southern hospitality more than Mississippi’s State Tree. Our magnolia foliage is dark green with copper velvet backing. Tell us the length you need and what you plan on doing with it and we will cut accordingly. We ship within hours of cutting so you will get the freshest product available.

Full Case $125

approximately 24 stems, 15-24″

Half Case $70

Open immediately upon receiving. You can take it out or leave it in the box. It doesn’t need re-hydration but you can cut the ends and place in water if you want to. Magnolia doesn’t need a water source for several days, an event planners dream.

Available in full and half boxes. Shipping discounts are available at five boxes.

For bulk discounts or if you would like to join our distributor program, please call Brock@ 662-231-7285 or [email protected].

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